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What is May Day?

May Day — International Workers’ Day — is recognized around the world as a celebration of working class unity and strength.  

Here in Rhode Island, we are calling for “A Day Without the 99%.”  Immigrants and workers from across the state will join together in a march for dignity and respect, taking action at key sites in our communities’ fights for justice.

  • Providence School Department: Defend Public Education! No more pink-slips for teachers! No more school closings!
  • VerizonStop Corporate Greed! Protect Worker’s Rights!
  • City HallWho’s Providence? OUR Providence! Demand Local Jobs and a Fair Economy!
  • Bank of AmericaStop Foreclosures; Stop Evictions!  Foreclose the Banks!
  • Federal BuildingNo human being is illegal!  Stop Deportations!  Immigration Reform Now!

The holiday has been celebrated in 80 countries globally since 1886, when the early labor movement in the United States organized a General Strike to win the eight hour day. May Day had been suppressed in the U.S. until the 2006, when millions of immigrant workers around the country marched for immigration reform and worker’s rights.
This May Day, let’s unite in one common struggle and demand the respect we deserve.  The people united will never be defeated! 

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